At Brendy’s Delray, frozen yogurt (or FroYo) is a huge part of our business as well as what our customers love to order. While we definitely serve the best-frozen treats this side of South FL, there’s still no shortage of frozen yogurt shops in every city. How did a treat that fell out of favor in the 80s make such a big comeback? Read about frozen yogurt’s comeback below.

Frozen Yogurt’s Comeback

In the 80s frozen yogurt was a sweet treat that was also considered a healthier alternative to ice-cream. Companies like TCBY dominated the scene through soft-serve styled frozen yogurt. Many other brands—seeing the success TCBY had, also rushed into the scene and came out with their own products.

Frozen Yogurt fell out of favor throughout the late 90s and approaching the early 2000’s. There are all sorts of reasons to speculate why, but it’s most likely is just fatigue. FroYo had a two-decade run of increasing popularity and it is most likely that this caused a dip in sales.

However, starting in the mid-2000’s it began to pick up again. By the 2010s, FroYo was back in full force. Frozen yogurt shops were opening up en-masse in many cities. The draw? Self serve frozen yogurt! This business model proved to be highly profitable for a time and because of the generational break, many younger people were getting their first real taste of frozen yogurt instead of ice cream.

Tart yogurt is the magical flavor (or lack thereof) that sparked a round 2 for frozen yogurt in America. For an increasingly health-conscious America, tart frozen yogurt was marketed and hailed as a much healthier alternative to ice cream. The sheer tartness of it had to have meant that it was less sugar-laden than other flavors. Topping that yogurt with healthy choices such as nuts, granola, and dark chocolate created a tasty frozen delight that was also pleasing to the eye. It’s the worst kept secret in America that people–especially younger people, value the experience just as much as the product. Frozen yogurt shops had that experience.

Frozen Yogurt and Social Media

It’s not just good enough to be healthy, you really have to let people know. Frozen yogurt happened to be that healthy, aesthetically appealing treat that became social media’s darling for a time. Not only was it tasty (it still is) but it was great for taking pictures. Businesses knew this well and created spaces in-store that was also colorful, fun, and highly photogenic.

We know this lesson well at FY&I Delray, we are very proud of our store inside and out and we never fail to impress our customers with our product as well as our seating areas!

Frozen Yogurt Delray Beach

That’s just a brief history as to how we got here today. Frozen Yogurt is still going strong and we suspect it’s here to stay. Every day we serve people who love and prefer frozen yogurt to ice cream. Almost everyone loves ice cream, but sometimes you just want something light, fluffy, and flavorful!

No matter which one you like, you’ll find the best of both at FY&I Delray! We are located in the heart of downtown Delray Beach in between the Office Restaurant and El Camino. Regardless of what constraints you have, whether you prefer ice cream, frozen yogurt, vegan/dairy-free, sugar-free, etc. We have a frozen treat waiting for you!