Top 5 Ice Cream Toppings People Love

Ice cream, who doesn’t like it save for the lactose-intolerant? Even then, Brendy’s in Delray has got you covered. Ice cream is amazing enough all on its own. A testament to that is how often people will go to the grocery store, buy a pint and kill it in one night by eating straight out of the container. Still, like all great things they can still be better. People have been putting stuff on top of other stuff since the dawn of time when no doubt some caveman placed a bit of grass on top of his meal as a nice garnish. Ok, that probably didn’t happen; here’s top 5 ice cream toppings people love courtesy of Brendy’s in Delray!

  1. Hot Fudge/Chocolate Syrup. There’s nothing more iconic and an ice cream sundae with vanilla ice cream and chocolate drizzled all over it. This is the classic, the “can’t go wrong” choice that you can always default to when you’re unsure of what would be good in the moment. Hot fudge atop the cold vanilla ice-cream is like salty-sweet stuff, the contrast is just a winning formula that can’t be beat. We can’t always have hot fudge on hand, but nobody is stopping you from getting yourself some chocolate syrup. Every grocery store that knows their merchandising fundamentals will always have some chocolate syrup placed conveniently near the freezers where ice cream is being held hostage, waiting for you to save it.
  2. Sprinkles. You know, I’ve never felt that sprinkles were all that great alone. They are sweet but have some kind of chalkiness to them that I don’t quite understand. Nonetheless, when you put them on ice cream, magic happens. It’s the slight crunch that adds to that firm softness that ice cream has which creates a great contrast. Also, it’s somehow another way to put sweetness on top of sweetness. I don’t think people really think about these things though, in reality, they’re just tasty enough and have been one of the oldest dessert toppings we know of, dating back in America at least to the 1920’s and historically to the late 18th century.
  3. Caramel. Caramel is the alternative to hot fudge for those who want something a bit more subtle. While caramel can be just as sweet, it has a less dominant flavor than hot fudge which makes it a great sidekick as opposed to the main treat.
  4. Nuts. More commonly seen on frozen yogurt than ice cream these days, yet still, there are a fair few people who like some nuttiness with their sweet flavors. They must not be crazy, as peanuts and chocolate are often spotted hanging out together. To be frank, we always sense a bit of a guilty conscience in those who place traditionally healthy things on top of treats.
  5. Fruit. That leads us to the last topping on our list—fruit. Fruit is delicious and is the OG sweet treat that nature concocted before mankind intervened with better ways to send us into a sweet, sweet heaven. Strawberries have been a classic staple of desserts for quite some time. They have a classy image as in many expensive desserts tend to have fresh-cut fruit on them to complement the rich and indulgent flavors.

Best Ice Cream Toppings and Frozen Yogurt in Delray Beach

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