What’s the Difference Between Gelato and Ice-Cream?

Where Does Gelato Come From?

If you were to ask a passerby on the street in the ’90s what Gelato is, they’d probably look at you quizzically and say, “Jello-what?” In case you’ve been living under a dessert-free-rock lately, Gelato is a popular frozen dessert originating in Italy. The creation of gelato is attributed to the Italian chef Francesco Procopio Cutò. In the 1600s, Cutò opened his own café—“Café Procope” in Paris and started serving gelato there. His gelato was popular in general, but also among some of the most notable literary figures of the time in Paris—such as Voltaire, Balzac, Hugo, Diderot, D’Alembert. Cutò’s gelato earned him French citizenship as well as a royal license given to him by Sun King Louis XIV, which essentially made him the only producer of the dessert at the time. Talk about cornering the market!

How is Gelato Made?

Throughout history, there have been many different ways to produce gelato. As the technology evolved, these processes changed how the dessert was made, but today, gelato is made using what is called “cold process”. The cold process was developed in the 1980s to create a simpler, more efficient way of making gelato. By the time ingredients reach cold processing, they are already safe from a bacterial standpoint—which eliminates the need for pasteurizing.

The sprint process is the latest innovation that offers an easier and more efficient way to make gelato compared to the cold process. A liquid ingredient is added such as water or milk to a mixture containing the raw ingredients needed to make the gelato, such as flavors, emulsifiers, and stabilizers. This process allows the gelato to be made in big batches rather quickly, but the downside is that there is less room to experiment with flavors.

Ice Cream vs Gelato

ice cream

In general, gelato is made with more milk than ice cream but conversely uses less cream in the process. It also does not use egg yolks whereas many ice cream manufacturers do. Gelato is served at a warmer temperature than ice cream. Despite the lower cream content, gelato often has a much smoother, creamier taste than ice cream due to the significantly lower overrun—which essentially refers to how much oxygen is contained within the mixture. Many commercial ice cream brands save a ton of money by having a high overrun thus selling you less for more. More expensive brands will have an overrun of 25% or less whereas cheaper brands of ice cream may have overrun higher than 60%!

It is often said that the reason that gelato appears to have a stronger flavor is probably contributable to the lesser overrun, the fact that it is served a bit warmer than ice cream which lets you savor the flavor a bit more rather than having your mouth numbed out. Lastly, butterfat content is higher in ice cream, gelato has less butterfat, therefore, the flavor isn’t as masked by the creamy indulgence of the butterfat.

Delray Beach Ice Cream

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