Healthy Ice Cream Toppings

Live in Delray Beach, FL and trying to beat the heat? Head on over to Brendy’s ice cream and yogurt, Delray Beach’s most popular frozen yogurt and ice cream parlor. Our air-conditioned interior and breezy covered café allows you to enjoy your dessert while watching sporting events and television on our indoor and outdoor flat screen TVs! If you are trying to watch your weight or suffer from food allergies, we recommend some of our healthier toppings. We’ll be providing some tips about making your ice cream healthier this 2018 holiday season.

Fruit is Your Friend

One of the healthiest things you can put on your ice cream, gelato, sorbet, and frozen yogurt is fruit! Instead of a peanut butter cup, try adding some blueberries or strawberries instead! Not only are they a healthy addition to any meal, they provide a huge amount of antioxidants and vitamin C to keep your system working at its best. These types of berries pair very well with chocolate yogurt flavors and they are also some of the healthiest fruits you can eat! It’s a win-win.

Substitute for Healthier Toppings

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At Brendy’s, we have a variety of healthy toppings that you can choose from. If you’re looking to cut calories on your ice cream or frozen yogurt, try these simple switches:

1.         Instead of peanut butter or peanut butter sauce, try using regular nuts instead! With a bunch of healthy fats and fiber, nuts will help fill you up much faster than peanut butter sauce.

2.         Like we said above, fruit is always an awesome choice to put on top of ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt and gelato.

3.         Ask our staff what the lowest calorie options are! Generally, flavors made with less sugar and frozen yogurt tend to have the fewest


Change it up at Brendy’s in Delray Beach

We offer a number of alternatives if you are on a special diet or have dietary considerations. We have vegan and non-dairy ice cream in Delray Beach, as well as sugar free/no sugar added options. If you are a fitness-oriented person, we even serve protein shakes. Think that sugar free has to taste bad? Think again. Come in and try our raspberry cheesecake and toasted marshmallow sugar free flavors today! We have something for everyone at Brendy’s Delray Beach.

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