Out of the Box Ways to Eat Ice Cream

So if you’re on FYI Delray’s website, you are probably a pretty big fan of ice cream. But in what ways are you used to eating it? Perhaps you like it in a cone or cup. Or maybe in a bowl, as a sundae, with hot fudge and nuts and whipped cream and a cherry. Perhaps you have heard of more inventive ice cream ideas such as ice cream sandwiches and ice cream cakes. But have you heard of our fun-loving ice-cream ideas expressed below? Probably not.

One awesome ice cream idea we love is making ice cream sandwiches but using variations on the classic sandwich part of the recipe. Of course, for the ice cream you can very well use whatever you want, including a flavor found at FYI Delray, including: vanilla, chocolate, almond praline, stellar coffee, double fudge brownie, cookies and cream, peanut butter cup, cookie dough, butter pecan, fudge track, mint chocolate chip, rum raisin, strawberry, chocolate chip, superman, birthday cake, cotton candy, pistachio, banana cream pie and black cherry vanilla. Furthermore, yogurt selections entail: vanilla, chocolate, cookies and cream, nutella, coffee and peanut butter. Once you have your yogurt or ice cream selections picked out, you can make the sandwiches with a variety of cookies or in some cases, with cereal. Your perfect cereal will probably be the perfect consistency for an ice cream sandwiches. Some popular cereals used for this creation include: lucky charms, raisin bran, cheerios, frosted flakes, captain crunch, cinnamon toast crunch and more. Really, the sky is the limit for your fun and innovative ice cream sandwich.

Another great idea is putting ice cream into more classic desserts. Of course we know about ice cream cakes, which are a great idea for a children’s birthday party. But the adults want something too. And sometimes it’s nice to have a sophisticated, frozen treat. This is where creme brulee ice cream comes in. What is creme brulee ice cream you might ask? Well, it’s ice cream but better. And it’s creme brulee but better. Basically, it’s a recipe that calls for egg yolks, granulated sugar, salt, heavy cream, whole milk, vanilla bean, and sometimes, turbinado sugar. It’s the best of both world- both the world of cold and warm desserts. Heat miser and mr. snow!

If you don’t like creme brulee don’t despair. There is always another option right around the corner at FYI Delray. You can indulge yourself with ice cream, Protein Shakes, Birthday Cakes, Sundaes, Pies, Banana Splits, Milkshakes and Candies, as all are available at FYI Delray. Additionally, you can engage in indulging without the guilt afterwards, as we offer fat free, low fat, dairy free, vegan  and sugar free variations on our famous, delicious ice cream. Stop on by FYI Delray for some amazing, out of the box ways to eat delicious ice cream.

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