Rethink Vegan Ice Cream

Over the last years, we were able to see the rise of vegan ice cream. What is it? In essence, it is ice cream which is made from healthy elements and which uses only natural ingredients. It also doesn’t include dairy products. You may think it sounds like it’s missing something, but actually, it is even better than you would expect. This, low-calorie treat can be considered a healthy alternative to ice cream. There are a few reasons why it is so beneficial.

More than just good for you

Most of you eat ice cream knowing that it isn’t the healthiest treat out there; it is filled with sugar and it has plenty of fat. Sometimes it’s worth the caloric expenditure, but imagine ice cream without sugar or fat. Well, you’ve imagined vegan ice cream.

This doesn’t just refer to vegan ice cream. All vegan products are usually healthier than conventional ones. After all, they are made from all-natural ingredients so they have plenty to offer.

Safe for people with lactose intolerance

People who are lactose intolerant cannot eat regular ice cream. If they do, they will regret immediately. Vegan ice cream and desserts are dairy free meaning that they don’t contain any dairy products such as milk or cream. Finally, lactose intolerant people can enjoy delicious ice cream.

Regardless of which conventional ice cream you choose, milk will be the main ingredient. The bottom line here is that lactose intolerant people should only digest vegan ice-cream.

Say bye bye to allergies

No sugar added is just the first label you will see on vegan ice creams. They also have a variety of other advantages. Only some vegan ice creams have nuts and seeds, which can cause allergies. But, all of these ice creams are properly labeled, even better and more so than traditional ice creams. This advantage allows you to avoid allergies. Vegan ice creams are far safer, generally speaking and fewer allergic reactions are caused by them.

Super delicious

Vegan ice creams can be very delicious, contrary to many opinions. In addition, some of them are even more delicious than standard ice-creams, due to their fresh taste and ingredients. Once you take some time to get used to new flavors, a whole new world is in front of you.

Another advantage is that because of the novelty of vegan ice cream, many new flavor ideas are being experimented with, whereas in the case of traditional ice cream, many shops just stick with tried and true flavors.


Vegan ice creams are delicious, they are safer for us and they are safer for the environment. A lot of eco-friendly individuals prefer these ice creams over traditional ones. When it comes to drawbacks, there aren’t any big ones. If you are interested in trying out vegan ice cream, look no further than FY&I’s assortment.

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