Ice Cream Recipes That Will Blow Your Mind

Kind of like shrimp, Bubba Gump’s fruit of the sea, there are a million ways you can eat ice cream. Sundaes, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cake, cones, popsicles, etc. Whatever your flavor, FY&I has a new and exciting way for you to experience a classic summer treat. Read below for suggestions to put a spin on a quintessential frozen delicacy.

Sundae Cones

You can use store-bought ice cream (such as the amazing selection offered at FY&I) to put inside of these delicious, homemade cones. To make the cones, set them upright in a loaf pan filled with uncooked rice. Microwave ¼ of the chocolate in 30-second increments, until smooth. Spoon into the tips of the cones and let them cool. Freeze the cones to secure the chocolate, then add the ice cream and lastly, add more chocolate on top of the ice cream. To do this, simply invert each cone, dip them in chocolate, set them upright in a pan and sprinkle them with nuts and other toppings of your choosing.

Sundaes with Spoon Shaped Cookies

These sundaes are the cutest little things! Complete with spoon shaped cookies and the ice cream flavor of your choosing, these delicacies are a great summer treat. To make the cookies, whisk together flour, baking powder and salt. Then, cream butter and sugar until pale and fluffy. Mix in egg and vanilla. Gradually add flour mixture and mix until dough comes together. Shape dough into 2 disks and bake them at 325 degrees. After the cookie spoons are done, create the sundae of your dreams with an ice cream flavor of your choosing and toppings you like as well.

Ice Cream Cake

A favorite at birthday parties and family get-togethers alike, ice cream cake is sure to be a crowd pleaser at whatever event you’re preparing for. This ice cream cake recipe utilizes fudge sauce and graham crackers for a crispy, fudgy texture and taste. To make it, whip up a fudge sauce with cream, cocoa and sugar. Let the fudge sauce cool and then select the ice cream you want to use for the cake. Press the ice cream into the pan, then top it with a layer of graham crackers. Then drizzle the fudge sauce over the graham crackers. Repeat this for as many times as seems right to create the cake of your wildest dreams!

Ice Cream Sandwich

This is perhaps the most classic of all ice cream inspired treats. You can make it with either cookies or brownies. To create this culinary masterpiece, simply whip up the cookie or brownie recipe and divide the yield into two portions. Spread half the brownie/cookie with ice cream, invert the remaining half on top and wrap the combination tightly in plastic. Freeze until firm, about two hours and then unwrap the creation and cut it to serve. Voila, you have a tasty, homemade treat perfect for a summer party or just for chilling at home!

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