Any chocolate lovers out there? We are quite sure that there are plenty out there. Here at FYI, we are here to meet the demand for the most popular sweet treat in the world. Chocolate is easily found in the top 5 flavors for ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, and other sweet treats. But one of the great things about chocolate is how compatible it can be with other flavors. Have you ever thought about all of the things that go great with chocolate? Well, we sure have! In order to help you discover new flavors, we would like to present 5 of our most delicious chocolate-based ice cream flavors.

Chocolate-Peanut Butter

Simple, but beyond effective. Probably the most popular combination for sweets, chocolate-peanut butter works on so many levels. Chocolate has a strong taste to it. But it can easily become very bland while alone. The peanut butter balances its strength with its more relaxed taste.

Chocolate chip cookie dough

Whoever thought of eating cookie dough without it being cooked was a genius. The chocolate chips work as a humble, yet noticeable compliment to the cookie-dough. You could almost think of the chocolate chips as a topping that was already integrated into the ice cream.

Chocolate covered cherries

Not quite what you might have expected, right? But the great thing about ice cream shops is that you get the opportunity to discover something new. In this flavor, the sweet chocolate meets the strong tang of the cherries in spectacular fashion. If you are a fan of chocolate covered fruit, you will not want to neglect this one.

Mint chocolate chip

Another classic. This flavor awakens your senses with its strong, yet all sweet flavor. Similar to the chocolate-peanut butter, the Mint seems to be destined for the chocolate-chip compliment.

Rocky Road

Who hasn’t grown up on rocky-road? Well, even if you haven’t, why not start today? Rocky road is a classic wild-card flavor. It is the trail mix of the ice cream world; it contains combinations that appear to be chaos, but actually go wonderfully together. It contains chocolate, nuts, and marshmallows for something that can only be eaten to fully explain.

Chocolate has plenty of capabilities as a flavor. But there are plenty of other flavors that go great with other combinations. Vanilla, Strawberry, and Peanut butter all are excellent ice cream flavors that can blend well with chocolate. By this logic, you can create your very own ice cream flavor. Check these ideas on our flavors page. You will find plenty of flavors to try from on your next trip to the ice cream shop. Also, don’t forget that there are other chocolate-based flavors for Gelato, Frozen Yogurt, and Dole Sorbet. For information on our Delray location, please see here. Also a big thanks to Delray Biz Directory for all the help!