Top 5 Ice Cream Flavors for Sundaes

So you are having a party and decide to share an ice cream sundae with your friends. Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but which flavor are you going to choose? Well, here at FYI Delray, we would like to make special recommendations for you. By discovering what makes a great sundae, you yourself can learn to play around with the flavors and make your own sundae combination. After all, a good day at the ice cream shop is based on your own enjoyment. So here are the top 5 ice cream sundae flavors.


A classic. Chocolate sundae is about as well loved as apple-pie. Among the flavors you pick for your sundae, it would be wise to have this one in the bowl. After all, wouldn’t it be best to have it right in the middle, surrounded by other complimentary flavors? That’s right, the chocolate flavor is a king among the other ice cream flavors. It deserves subjects to support it. Think of all of the combinations that go great with chocolate! Not to throw any shade, but we are about to get to some of them in a minute.


Don’t laugh! It sounds bland and boring, but we all know that vanilla is as delicious as any other flavor. And before you go calling it a boring flavor, think about it. How many desserts do you have that has the vanilla flavor in it? Yeah, I bet you can name a few. Plus, there are plenty of others that you won’t even know have vanilla in them. It is the foundation for so many other creamy pleasures that it would be a crime not to have in your sundae!

Peanut butter

Ah, now we are going with some style! Peanut butter ice cream is designed for a sundae. Whereas other flavors such as chocolate and vanilla support the whole sundae, peanut butter is the special part that you cannot wait to dig into.


The king of the fruity flavors! Many great chocolate sundaes go the route of neapolitan ice cream. The reason why? Because strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla just go so perfectly together. Why do you even have to deny it? Even if you are not a fan of strawberry, you cannot deny the fact that it does well with plenty of other flavors. This is perfect material for any sundae.

Tipple Caramel

How could we leave triple caramel off of this list? Caramel is the flavor that everyone wishes were on everything! That’s why everything is dipped in caramel!

Although these certainly are some of the most popular of all sundae flavors, there is still one other that we are forgetting. Your favorite flavor! Whichever one is your favorite is the best one for you. You can have an entire sundae composed of it, or you can combine the flavor with any one of these other flavors. 

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