Top 5 Weird (Yet Awesome) Ice Cream Flavors

You have to admit, there are some ice cream flavors on our list that just seem weird. Sure there are the classics like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. But then there are those oddballs. Some flavors make you wonder what they were thinking when they invented them. But if you give these flavors a try, you just might figure out what they were thinking. Sometimes going the road less traveled is far better than the road mostly traveled. Here are some of the best, weird ice cream flavors that we have in our flavors list.

Rainbow sorbet

The weird thing about this flavor isn’t even the colors. It is weird because sorbet is an entirely different kind of dessert? How exactly do you combine ice cream with sorbet? They are way too similar! Well, whatever makes sorbet unique, we have it in our ice cream flavor. Don’t ask us the science behind it. We are in the same boat as you.

Chocolate covered cherries

Chocolate covered strawberries, sure. But chocolate covered cherries might be overdoing it, right? After all, aren’t we supposed to be sparring with the cherries? You’re only supposed to put one on top of the sundae. Well, think again. The tang of cherries and the sweet texture of the chocolate is a perfect flavor combination. Don’t believe us? Give it a try for yourself!

Krazy colors

This one shouldn’t even have to be described to know that it is weird. It is all in the name. After all, what flavors are those colors? Well, that’s a surprise that you’ll have to find out when you come here. Yes, we are going to hold you in suspense.

Strawberry cheesecake

Like the rainbow sorbet, this one seems like a mistake. Cheesecake is an entirely different kind of dessert. How do you combine it? HOW?! Well, whoever figured it out is owed a great debt of appreciation. This flavor is to die for. If you think that you liked strawberry cheesecake before, just wait until you taste this flavor.

Cotton candy

Anarchy. THIS IS ANARCHY!!! Cotton candy is an ice cream flavor, and it is awesome. I assure you, if you give it a try, you won’t be sorry. Cotton candy ice cream carries the flavor of your favorite fluffy treat. And now that flavor works as a creamy, cold treat. This one is certainly well loved.

It may seem a little odd to just go ahead and try any one of these flavors. Some people are afraid to try these because they don’t want the flavor to ruin their ice cream day. But as long as you are adventuring and trying new things, your ice cream day will be well worth it. If you would like to try any of these weird flavors, please feel free to come on down to our shop. For any further information, you can contact us anytime.

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