Protein Shakes: Blending Happy With Health

With advancements in nutrition today, the idea that a healthy snack or drink cannot taste great is officially false. One of the healthy options we provide here at FYI are delicious and energy-fueled protein shakes. These shakes are not only a great reward for your morning jog or exercise routine, but they are more importantly a great support substance for your muscle building activities. With this kind of fuel running through your body, you will feel more capable and motivated to conquer the world.

Health Benefits

Proteins not only offer the necessary nutrition for muscles, but they also help build nucleic acids, hormones, immune system essentials, and enzymes. Our bodies need protein for the most basic functions, from healing to natural growth. Proteins with the greatest amount of Biological Value have greater capacity for supporting growth. Whey protein is often one of the best sources for a protein, not only because of its high BV amount, but also because of its amino acid count.

Nutritional and Satisfying

Protein shakes are so filling that they also have been suggested to work well as meal replacement sources. Studies have indicated that a protein shake meal replacement can be great for weight loss since the shake can give you the proper nutrients required while still containing great fillings. However, shake contents can vary as much as the different people who require them. Some people need less protein, while others require a large boost. We recommend talking to your doctor or health advisor before going full force on protein shakes or other health supplements.

Great Service

If it is wise to start or continue drinking protein shakes, then don’t be afraid to experiment with different tastes as well. Here at FYI Delray are always here to promote a customer’s happiness. And happiness starts with a happy living style. For options on Protein shakes’ nutrition contents, be sure to come on down to FYI’s Delray shop, or simply contact us for more information. Also feel free to check out our other flavorful snack options, such as our Frozen Yogurt and gluten-free Dole Sorbet.


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