Top 5 Favorite Ice Cream Toppings

Earlier we covered the top 5 most popular ice cream flavors in the United States. However, you’d be a fool not to try at least one of the many toppings in our selection. Some of these toppings are so delicious that they are considered the most favored in the whole country! Can you guess which ones made the list? Here are the top 5 most beloved ice cream toppings in the country.

5. Sprinkles

Already starting off with a classic. Whether they are chocolate, rainbow, or any other kind of color, sprinkles are a topping that adds a tiny, sweet, and crunchy texture to the melting presence of the ice cream. Perhaps their light hardness is what makes them so popular. They add a perfect counter balance to the soft ice cream or frozen yogurt scoops. Just be sure not to add too much to where you can’t even see the ice cream! Or, you know, go right ahead. It is your choice after all!

4. Oreo

Although the sprinkles add a light crunch to the taste, the Oreo cookies kick it up a notch with their hard yet crumbling power. Whoever thought of this combination deserves an award. The Oreo cookie topping goes with many kinds of flavors, but are often best with a great contrast. They already have chocolate and vanilla tastes. So feel free to experiment and see where your taste buds go.

3. Chocolate Syrup

This one is a no-brainer. Often great with strawberry and mint chocolate chip, chocolate syrup is a classic topping, especially for those who prefer not to eat as much chocolate ice cream, but would still like a little something.

2. Cherries

You had to expect this icon! Although small, cherries present the customer with a fruity treat that serves as the flag at the top of the sweet and flavorful mountain in their hands.

1. Whipped Cream

Of course! The topping that goes with everything! Like Sprinkles, whoever invented whipped cream needs some serious applause. One of the few toppings that fit basically every flavor, whipped cream is sweet but not too dominating. It merely adds to the already powerful base that is your ice cream scoop.

The great thing about this list is that, although these toppings are popular, they are still just opinions of taste. There really is no best topping out there. Any topping you choose is merely an expression of what makes you so unique. And your unique taste is what gets us all the more excited to come in and serve you.

For more information on our various toppings, be sure to check out the options here! Also be sure to check out any of our various ice cream flavors to go with the toppings.


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