Top 5 Ice Cream Flavor Combinations

We at FYI Delray are always open to discovering new things. The tasteful options don’t stop at just the basic flavors. The possibilities increase with your choice of toppings, or even combination of flavors! Sure there are the classics that we trust such as Neapolitan, or Chocolate/Vanilla swirl, but what about other, more obscure combinations? What choices can we trust to please our taste buds? Never fear, for here are the Top Five Ice Cream Flavor Combinations.

Coffee + Cookies & Cream

If you are looking for a jolt of energy to your sweet afternoon, then the Coffee + Cookies & Cream mix is just what you need. The coffee’s power blends well with the sweet cookies and cream, offering a soft served equivalent to a sweet Frappuccino.

Mint + Cookies & Cream

Another versatile usage of cookies & cream, the mint combo offers a different kind of jolt. The refreshing mint tang offers a contrast to the sweet, yet hard cookies and cream. These are two familiar tastes that taste even better when combined as one, and is especially recommended for the holidays.

Caramel + Coffee

Another coffee shop inspired treat, the Caramel + Coffee combo brings along. This recipe is the definition of bitter-sweet goodness, with the hard taste of the coffee mixing into the iconic sweetness of the caramel.

Chocolate + Pecan & Cream

Pecan is a tricky thing to mix, however the chocolate combo offers a surrounding power that only enhances the pecans through contrast. This is similar to that surprising combination of how well almond chocolate bars taste.

Banana Nut + Cherry Vanilla

And finally, our weirdest recommendation: the Banana Nut + Cherry Vanilla combo. This may seem risky, but if your taste buds like it, then you will have found a new favorite treat to add to your selection this weekend. The tang of the cherries already blends wonderfully with the vanilla mixture. Now add that to the sweet yet hard banana nut and you will have a curious flavor that you never knew you’d like before.

No matter what flavor you end up choosing for selection, be sure to experiment yourself with the various flavors of ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt, and many other treats that we offer at FYI Delray.

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