Top 5 Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors

If your customers consistently get brain freeze, that is likely a good sign that they enjoy your frozen treats. However, which flavored treat is the most popular? Here at FYI Delray, we are here to offer your favorite flavors for various dessert choices. Such desserts include frozen yogurt, cakes, sorbet, gelato, and of course Ice cream! Take a look below to see which ice-cream flavors are the most favored in the United States.


Note: The public opinion is constantly changing, so this list was pulled from multiple survey sources over the last five years to create a general impression.


5. Strawberry

I don’t know about anyone else, but for this writer, Strawberry should be number 1. But hey, that’s how the states see it. The classic fruit-based flavor, strawberries blend dairy with one of the sweetest fruits imaginable.  


4. Cookie Dough

Whoever thought of making cookie dough flavored ice cream is a genius. We’ve all eaten cookie dough before it was properly cooked. This frozen treat blends the ice cream formula with such an unconventional pleasure.


3. Butter Pecan

Made from roasted pecans, butter, and vanilla ice cream, this flavor is one of the most beloved in the Southern United States. A brilliant mixture, it offers a uniquely tree-nut tang with the smoothness of vanilla cream.


2. Chocolate

Oh chocolate. Possibly the most popular candy flavor, it is no surprise that we find it here on the top five ice cream flavors. Chocolate ice cream comes in a wide variety of variants, from dark chocolate to vanilla swirl.


1. Vanilla

Vanilla??? Really? Hey, some may call it boring, but I prefer to think of it as brilliantly simple. Made from vanilla orchids, Vanilla is the universal flavor because it goes with anything. It is the base for mixed desserts such as milkshakes, sundaes, and root beer floats. Also, most people who eat ice cream are never allergic to vanilla, as opposed to other flavors. Although it’s easy to call vanilla “bland”, the chances are that you’ve eaten it in most of your desserts.

No matter what the majority’s opinion is, what ultimately matters is what your preferred flavor is. Hopefully this list has inspired you to potentially try something new, or perhaps even search out some flavors that are more obscure. Either way, when you come down to FYI Delray, you will have an extremely wide variety of flavors to choose from.


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