Top 3 Types of Health Snack at FYI

Despite the popular consensus, enjoying a sweet, tasty treat does not have to be bad for your health. With diet and exercise accompanied, there is usually a time during the month that you can afford a nice weekend treat. But you still don’t want to go crazy on the calories. Are there any healthy sweet treats for a good Saturday break? FYI Delray has got you covered. Take a look here at the 3 main types of snacks that help maintain a healthy diet.


Protein shakes

Perfect for grab-and-go joggers, our protein shakes are specifically made for a customized diet. They are prepared with a low amount of calories and they also come in various flavors. These special drinks are the perfect blend between your ideal weight and your ideal taste. They are also perfect for those who need just the extra bit of protein and calories for their exercise regiment.


Dole Sorbet

Sorbet has always been sought after for its tangy sweetness. However, did you know that they are a uniquely healthy sweet treat? Our Dole Sorbet is gluten, fat, and dairy free. Whoa, that is right! You thought that an ice cream shop would be the last place on Earth to visit if you were aiming at a diary-free diet. Well guess again! Our flavors come in mango, pineapple, strawberry, raspberry, and orange.


Frozen Yogurt

Our largest selection of flavored dairy treats is also one of the healthiest! FYI carries a selection of over 36 flavors, each either being low fat, fat free, without added sugar, or a combination of the 3. Take a swing at our fat-free Pistachio, or our chocolate that is both fat free and without added sugar. These various flavors are subject to change. However, no matter what the shifting tastes are, our frozen yogurt will always have plenty to offer.

We at FYI Delray understand that your health is a major priority. We also understand that with any exercise regiment, there needs to be a reasonable amount of reward to enjoy the process. We can’t always just eat protein bars and broccoli. Therefore, our goal is to provide just the right amount of splendor that benefits your day. And those benefits should definitely include your healthy diet.

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